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Dunite Reserves

Rocks with Medium Hardness

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Reserves of Dunite. Dunite Reserves </>
Deposits of Dunite in Asia, Africa and Europe which constitute the eastern continents. Dunite Deposits in Eastern Continents
Deposits of Dunite in Asian continent. Asia
China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey
Deposits of Dunite in African continent. Africa
Morocco, South Africa
Deposits of Dunite in European continent. Europe
Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela
List of countries where Dunite deposits are found excluding the 6 continents. Others
Not Yet Found
Deposits of Dunite in North and South America which constitute the western continents. Dunite Deposits in Western Continents
Deposits of Dunite in North American continent. North America
Canada, USA
Deposits of Dunite in South American continent. South America
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela
Deposits of Dunite in Australia which constitute the Oceania continent. Dunite Deposits in Oceania Continent
Deposits of Dunite in Australian continent. Australia
New Zealand, Western Australia

Reserves of Dunite

Rocks are found everywhere around us. Reserves of Dunite are distributed all around the world. The amount of reserves of Dunite depend on the types of rocks available in a particular area, their formation process, composition, metamorphism, weathering, erosion, climatic conditions, their properties etc. Here you will be getting the information about countries with reserves of Dunite. Continent-wise sorted list of Dunite reserves is provided. Also, know about Dunite Definition, Dunite Texture, Dunite Uses, Dunite Facts etc. to get an overall idea about the rock.

Dunite Deposits

Here, the Dunite deposits are segregated continent wise; Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Europe. Along with the Dunite deposits, learn more about What Is Dunite and where it was first discovered. The deposits of a particular rock depend on its formation and the transformation process. Igneous rocks like basalt, granite etc. are formed when the magma cools down. Metamorphic rocks like marble, slate etc. are formed when the existing rocks undergo change in their formation process. Sedimentary rocks like coal, conglomerate etc. form due to the weathering of the igneous and metamorphic rocks. You can also get to know all about the Formation of Dunite here.

List of Dunite Reserves

The list of Dunite reserves gives you detailed information about the countries with reserves of Dunite. Countries with Dunite deposit are mentioned below:

  • In Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey.
  • In Africa: Morocco, South Africa.
  • In Australia: New Zealand, Western Australia.
  • In Europe: Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela.
  • In South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela.