Types of Rocks


Kinds of Rocks »More

We are familiar with different kinds of rocks but it becomes difficult to compare them as rocks have wide range of concealed properties. Get to know all about rocks and compare them!

Extrusive Rocks »More

Igneous rocks which form by crystallization of magma at the surface of Earth are called Extrusive rocks. These rocks cool rapidly and have fine-grained textures. Checkout all Extrusive Rocks!

Rare Rocks »More

The different rocks which you see around you, be it the mountains, hills & riverbeds, are all made of various rare minerals. Compare rare rocks and know more about them.

Famous Rocks »More

There are many types of rocks and they are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. But how much do we know about them? Compare famous rocks here!

Fossil Rocks »More

Sedimentary rocks form when sediments accumulate over a period of time. Fossils of various organisms which are extinct are found buried in these rocks. Compare fossil rocks here!

Hard Rocks »More

Rocks have been used by humans throughout history for different purposes based on their hardness. Rocks with hardness 6 to 10 are known as hard rocks. Get a list of all hard rocks here!

Soft Rocks »More

Different types of rocks are used for various purposes. Rocks with hardness 1 to 3 are used for light application. Compare all the soft rocks and find the most attractive one!

Compare Rocks

Rocks are found everywhere and are used in our day to day life. Here you can compare rocks based on their uses, properties and texture and get to know more about them.

What are Rocks?

What are Rocks? They are the solid mineral materials forming part of the surface of Earth and are broadly categorized as Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks. Rocks make up mountains, hills, valleys, plains and they also form river and ocean beds. Rocks play an important role in our life as many minerals are derived from them. Rocks forming the ocean bed are rich source of crude oil and natural gas. Earth’s outermost solid layer known as lithosphere is made of all types of rocks. You can also get to know the list of Rocks Used for Monuments and Rocks Used for Sculpture. Here you can compare different rocks and get information about all types of rocks.

All about Rocks

We all come across rocks in our day to day life, be it a stone, pebble, sand or just mud. Rocks are also classified on the basis of their hardness which ranges from 1 to 10 on Moh's Hardness Scale as types of hard rocks, types of soft rocks and rocks with medium hardness. At comparerocks.com, know all about rocks and get to know Rocks with Less Maintenance and Rocks with More Maintenance. All types of rocks undergo formation and transformation process. Formation of rocks depends on cooling of lava and then transformation process takes place. Every rock has an individual property due to which it has its own unique uses.

Rock Texture

Rock texture refers to shape, arrangement and distribution of grains within the rock. Some common rock textures are crystalline, fragmental aphanitic and glassy.

  • Crystalline texture- Texture in which crystals are interlocking and inter-grown.
  • Fragmental texture- Texture in which particles are broken or irregular.
  • Aphanitic texture- Texture in which crystals are not visible to naked eye.